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BLUF:  I'm looking for feedback on the value (and expense) of using a career coach/consultant. 

I'm a 20-year employee of a small company that was recently acquired by a larger (but still small) company.  My day-to-day job hasn't changed much, but my title was changed from Director to Manager and I report to a director in the home office rather than the CEO.  The new org structure is based on job function, whereas my old team was product based.  Half of my directs have been shuffled to other managers. 

My daily working environment and mood have improved, mainly because my new boss is a reasonable human being.  I am, however, not thrilled with a smaller circle of influence and the prospect of a ugly-looking demotion on my resume. 

I'm wondering whether it is worth it to use a career consultant to aid in marketing myself and finding potential employers.  I had an initial interview with someone who advertises his services to the "$100K-and-over executive".  Next week he will present me with a proposal and what I presume will be an expensive contract. 

Any comments on the effectiveness of using this type of approach, as well as how expensive the services tend to be, would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Myers