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Today, my company made site closing/consolidation announcements that directly implies career impacts to thousands of individuals.  Dozens of associates I work with are in that group.  A site closing/consolidation is not notification of termination; however, managment has made clear that many will lose their jobs.  Individual assignments or layoff notifications will follow in the coming days/weeks/months. 

Question:  How can I effectively communicate along the lines of the Career Crisis Communication podcast to the many friends and associates I have across the enterprise? People who I work with day-to-day are fairly easy, I can just talk to them.  Those who I haven't worked with recently or who are at more remote locations are more difficult. 

Also, I may be impacted.  My site closing was announed a few weeks ago, and more site announcements for a different part of the organization are expected next calendar year for another set of folks I have worked with.


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One person at a time.  Make a list, choose an order, and start communicating.  Make it personal, no email blasts.  It could take several weeks if you wish to connect with many people.  The key here is to not let the scale of the site closings daunt you.  Effective is not necessarily efficient.  

Include your personal contact info, and ask for theirs if all you have is their work phone and email.   

John Hack

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Indeed, one person at a time because each person is going to be in a different state after the layoffs and closings.

I have a handwritten list of 15-20 people I know *personally* who are looking. I share information specific to their needs (Manager Tools links  too of course) and make referrals. I check the list each evening and try to check in with each person every week or two.

I am *extremely* thankful for my friends in the MT community (you know who you are) and working to return the favor to others.