I've just finished listening to this podcast during my commute and found a lot of the advice as expected. What did surprise me though was my reaction to some of the advice like that favorite brand of expensive coffee we now enjoy.

Although I'm not yet sitting by the exit door , i was suddenly struck by how typical this is of people in work. In our office we have free coffee which changes occasionally and depending on what's on offer. One time it changed to a very unpalatable one and well as the many people that voice their opinions , some decided to buy their own from a local supermarket, including myself.

Following this podcast , I've resolved to inspect all of my spending and see i how ruthless i can be whilst  i have a choice. I now have a note book to write all i spend and see how easily it is to prune my spending by 25%.

I'm also reminded of a saying my first school head master mentioned to us when going on school trips. He said "Before you by anything, say to yourself is It Worth It ? is It Worth It ? is It Worth It ? And if you don't answer yes 3 times straight away then don't by it. This story goes back to around 1970's . To start with i will certainly give the office coffee another chance, even if its too late for a refund on my latest coffee jar.

A really good podcast thanks to the team.