I have been a recent listener and just want to let you know that you guys are great, listening to this podcasts made me have a different view and yet more clear when seeking jobs.


I am an undergraduate student and i will be attending a career fair in the end of the month. I contacted as many companies as i could and actually i was able to get names of the recruiters and email address. To make a long story short, I went over to the career services at school and the person said that NO COVER LETTERS ON CAREER FAIR. i was schocked, since she is a professional and should at least not be so close minded about it.  


I just want to know everyone's opinions here, I have all these conatct names that i like to write a cover letter to. Should I bring a cover letter to a career fair or not?



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I would only bring a cover letter if there was a specific job or specific internship that the attending recruiter is recruiting for at the event. But it might just be best to only have a case they ask for one.

- Frank