I was just curious if anyone here works in Life/Career Coaching and/or Training and Development. I have come to realize that I love this type of work and I am interested in making a career of it. I actually work for a company that specializes in consulting for that, but it's a little bit more on the recruiting/general HR side. However, I really really love it and everytime we get a project I get very excited. We really don't work in Training and Development though. So obviously I am already in the industry, it is just I don't have a position right in doing that type of work. I am more on the support side.

Now I know I have to be patient and it takes a long time to get there, but I am just curious as to what are some steps I can take to build experience? I am trying to volunteer with high school students at a non-profit in helping them write resumes but there's a time conflict with the organization so I am not able to do it.

I had considered getting into a Master's program in Human Resources doing it part-time while I work full-time but I already have a lot of student debt from my undergraduate and my partially other completed Master's program so I don't want to take any more debt. Is a MHR necessary?

I know patience is key and it will take some time to get there but I really want to start building myself up for the future be it volunteering, reading books, listenting to career tools podcast. After being unemployed for six long months, I have a new invigorated passion and energy and I want to make sure that I utilize it.