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I work in a role that has morphed from a purely technician role, into more of a role that utilizes my soft skills as well as management skills. How do you convey a change like this in my career Management document/ Resume update? Other than my job title, the role I preform does not have a job description. Thank you in advance for your feedback. 

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] utilizes my soft skills as well as management skills

Kudos to you for maintaining a career management document (CMD)...keep it up! Overtime, the CMD is an incredibly powerful tool for documenting results, preparing your resume, and getting that next job or promotion.

As the manager, team results are to a certain extent your results. If you haven't already invested in the Interviewing Series and listened to the numerous Manager Tools & Career Tools podcasts on resumes then I suggest you do. The casts guide you on how to document management results in your resume.

With respect to results specific to management:

"Negotiated reduced costs on $xxx,000 services contract by..."

"Rebaselined failing $x,xxx,xxx ERP upgrade by mediating conflict..."

"Achieved xx% department employee retention through..."

"Noted on performance evaluation as..." --This last one is directly from the Sample Resume provided by Manager Tools.


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Great stuff, TLH.

CP - you might want to also consider writing a rough job description on your own. Here's a cast for help with that: