Last year, four months after I started, my boss was put on probation for company infractions. He knows I was called in for the interview, and knows there were others, and has decided to retaliate against me.

First some points:
* I didn't start anything
* Didn't want his job.
* I defended him
* He doesn't know I defended him because it would require me betraying the trust of two people that did testify against him who are still working here. I have told him I defended him and he believes me for awhile then gets vindictive again. The employees warned me about this behavior when I started.
* He has gone so far as to set me up so he can write me up. Luckily it didn't work because I went to his boss and complained about the personal attacks.
* Upper management is aware but so far they have done nothing.
* If they continue to do nothing he will eventually succeed because I'm getting tired of pulling knives out of my back.
* My reports tell me my boss is telling my one report that when I'm gone he will get my job.
* I have been in this job for 18 months and he has been on my case for 14 months.
---- It gets better --------

* My wife still lives and works in Pa and I am 1200 miles away in Florida. She is concerned about my job future and feels there's no point in two people being unemployed.
* I'm thinking of going back home without a job to get out of this situation. The constant uncertainty is putting a strain on our relationship and my health. Being unemployed with no income would also be stressful.

Q: Just how stupid is it to stay? Any other advice on what to do?
Thank you,

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Maybe I'm missing something, but what about looking for a new job closer to your wife and then quitting your current one?

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You haven't stated any reason for staying. Is there one?


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I have been looking for a job close to home but haven't had any offers yet.

The only reason to stay is to have an income. Being in Florida the weather isn't bad as compared to up north. Also, being over 50 in IT the probability of getting another job in IT is slim (so I have been told).

Addendum: Of the seven people that testified; four have left and I'll make the fifth. That also makes me the third Assistant Director in a little over two years.


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Besides this boss, is there anything you like about the company and/or job? Do you like who you work with otherwise? Do you feel you have a future there (again, minus the boss)?

I like to come up with a +/- list for these things. I also add "weights" to the things that are most important to me. Usually the decision is fairly clear.

That said, if you decide to leave without another offer, it seems that a sit-down with a level up from your boss makes sense. Either they deal with the situation at that point or they don't. If you were going to leave anyway, if they don't do anything - you have lost nothing.

FWIW, I'm not a fan of leaving without having another offer. Anyone I know that's tried gaining other employment when they didn't already have a job had a rougher go of it.

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VERY. But leaving is a two part process. Getting another job, and then leaving.

Step up your efforts to find something, and get out of there.

This is one of those situations that make me want to fire your boss's bosses. Sheesh.

Keep us posted; let us know how we can help. Optimism is a force multiplier at this point.