I just listened to the Career Tools podcast on 'my colleague is a bully;' I was kind of sad on the recommendations.

The focus of the recommendations was pretty much for the bullyee to suck it up and handly the bullying / bullyer themselves.  It's great to own your problems and their solutions, don't get me wrong.  My concern, however, is that the bullyee needs to involve management in this process.

My biggest management issue so far in my new role has been to address what, in reality, is a number of bullying situations that my predecessors hadn't addressed -- for decades.  This is one mnagement problem that doesn't improve with age -- nor does it improve when management's out-of-the-loop.

Team, please consider including your manager in the process.  Sure, own the problem and the solution.  Keep your boss in the loop, and warmed up, however.  You might need their support.

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Thankfully never worked in a workplace with a bullying culture, but have known people who have. It seemed like the person at the "top" was a factor in the fact that bullying could occur: if they participated in the bullying (ugh!), or if bullying was occurring but they didn't notice or care enough to end it. So I would say, get out in front of it and make it clear to your team that you expect everyone to treat each other professionally - you have an opportunity as a new manager to help the team get out of this rut, plus it seems important for retaining good people.