I have been subscribed to the Career Tools RSS Feed in iTunes since it started.

For some reason, today it has started asking for authentication to access the feed.  My Manager Tools credentials don't appear to work.

The feed in iTunes is

Please fix this or advise us how to continue to access the feed.
Kind Regards
Canberra, Australia

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Good, it's not just me, and the usual Friday episode didn't come out either. Maybe its a technical issue because of the new site.

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Am experiencing same issue. Logged into main MT website to check I am inputting correct password, but on iTunes it rejects it.


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Hope this is just a glitch...

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Sorry, folks.  It's certainly a glitch.  I have the team working on getting it resolved.


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The problem with the Career Tools feed (requiring authentication) should be resolved now.

Thanks for your patience.


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My iTunes can now log on to the Career Tools feed but it doesn't update - nor do the MT Members & Personal Licence Documents feeds.

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My feeds have now updated, and pulled in the casts/documents that hadn't updated before. All is good for me - thanks Mike.

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I have had this issue for some time now.
I always figured it was an iTunes issue.
I am asked for my MT login info everytime it tries to update the casts.
Even if I check "Remember password" it never does and I need to login before they will update.


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What feed are you using?  If you're using the Members/Archive feed, you do indeed need to login.  The public feed (iTunes listed) should NOT require a login.