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Reinforces and provides some research data on the power of using Feedback (they call it recognition)

This was a pretty quick read for me. I skimmed most of the details as they talked about their specific research and gave data on the results. But overall I found the book well written and had some good pointers. The book certainly reinforces the importance of feedback and why it helps in creating a high performing group.

I didn't like the focus in the book on monetary rewards. They kept talking about how you should budget 2% of your compensation (approximately $1000 per employee per year) towards providing recognition to your team. They provide a lot of tips from simple starbucks cards to spa days that require various sums of money. They do include a number of non-monetary ways for recognition, like giving feedback in a semi-public fashion, handwritten thank you notes and more.

Some parts that made me smile:
[list]Michael's tip for giving enough feedback in a day - the coins in the pocket tip. They say keep 3 coins in your right pocket and shift them to the left as you give recognition to a member of your team.[/list:u]
[list]Affirming vs. Adjusting feedback - They quote some research that says the proper ratio of affirming to adjusting is 5 to 1. [/list:u]
[list]Thank You notes - Mentioned several times how appreciative people are of getting some type of handwritten note from their boss.[/list:u]

Overall this book is worth reading to reinforce using the Feedback Model with your team.


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Good review: I recently finished reading this book as well, and agree with your assessment.

Mainly, I found that focusing only on recognition, rather than the broader feedback model, felt a little limiting. Nonetheless, coverage of this topic was thorough and well delivered.

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I also found this book to be pretty good.  I would say that anyone looking to implement the suggestions or principles in it needs to have that be their next step only after they have implemented and instiutionalized the Management Trinity.