Hi guys,

I didn't know what to do with my case and I found your forum.
So... I'll start with my question. I'm manager since last summer (my first position like manager). I would like to find the best way to communicate with some people on a few different hierarchy levels. I have to tell you more details so you can give me the best advice.

I've started from the bottom of the hierarchy (while studying) because I needed money. I saw a job offer for middle management and I've applied for it. Luckily they chose me.
So now I see a rising problem with my communication with 2 different levels:

- The lowest level - they think that I've changed due to my promotion. It's hard for me to find the best way to communicate with them because my duties are no longer similar with theirs. I have to observe their work and to write reports. Before I used to talk friendly with them but now  I have to lead them.

- The middle level - Some of them are insulted because I used to be 3-4 levels below them and now I'm on a similar position. (Because it took them more than 10 years to reach this level and I've made it for less than 2)  They also feel irritated because my job is to write reports and if I find something to be improved (which is the expectation of my line manager and the top management) this means that some of them missed something in their job.

I don't know what to do. I like my job and I don't want to irritate anybody. I know that on positions like theirs it's hard to manage every single detail. And I don't think that these people are  nonprofessional. But that's how they feel...

I'll be glad to receive any piece of advice.

  Have a nice day  :)

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Welcome Brave!

You've found your way to a wealth of information that will help you immensely in your journey as a manager.

The first thing I'd do if I were you is to visit this page: This will help you with what you've identified as the 'lowest level'. How you treat your former peers is very important, and those relationships can help your career or hurt it.

The next thing I'd do is going listen to two podcasts titled, "No Dropping Dimes". They are found here:

This will help you significantly with the 'middle level'.

Good luck to you!

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Congratulations, it sounds like you're doing a lot of things right!  So be confident going forward.

First, you HAVE changed because of your promotion.   Not only are you required to work a bit differently; everyone sees you as "the boss".  Accept it.   Do not to try and "stay one of the guys".  I have a friend who is an absolutely wonderful person.  She was promoted to manager of her department and couldn't let go of the idea that she wanted to stay "one of the group".   She didn't last long in the role, because she saw herself as an advocate for her team's problems to senior management - but not internalising that she was now a leader and part of the management team herself.

You say you don't want to irritate anybody.  You WILL irritate some people with some of your decisions no matter what.  So make sure you're doing things the right way for the right reasons.  How people feel about those decisions is their own problem and out of your control.   Although, I think most intelligent directs will grow to respect a boss they see making sensible decisions over a long period, even if they disagree with a few of those decisions.   Make sure you over communicate.

Wat I like about the Manager Tools approach is that by focussing on performance and behaviour, your decisions will be made based on completely defensible criteria.    The MT approach also means those decisions will come from a positive, kind place.  Your directs will respect you for all of those things and you will be able to sleep well, knowing that you've been and done your best.