Up for a promotion, I was asked to present my resume. This was a first for me; previous promotions did not include interviews let alone my resume. Tsk, tsk, I have been neglectful. Bad MT listener.

    Oh, can you send me your resume?

    GASP, when do you need it by? (Currently it was 4PM)

    Now, so I can attach it to your interviews with everyone.
    I'll have it to you tonight. (Mark & Mike ringing in my head.)
Oh, I listened to the resume podcasts. Just a few minutes every quarter to get that document updated. Then just slim it down to a page tailored to the position you want. Sure, for someone else who hasn't been with their company as long that would apply, but not me, I am not even looking for another job.
    Grasshopper, you still have not snatched the pebble from my hand. 
I was lucky and I had access to information in my last position to create this document. So a few hours later, I have a beautiful one page resume. Could it have been better? Sure and next time it will be, because I will not get caught with my pants down again!
P.S. Guess it is time to print out that contact list as well. (Wink wink)

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Plus, anyone who can through in a Kwai Change Cain reference is a good poster ;)

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Thanks for sharing ... now, anybody listening? [hint, hint]

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 One of the advantages of working for a consultancy, where our resumes get circulated in pitches for new assignments, is that we have to update them regularly.  I update my resume about once every 4 to 6 weeks, actually I currently update 4 of them as right now management mandate three different formats (one page resume similar to the MT format, 'Performance Card' which is a Excel spreadsheet where we have to put specific information in specific boxes and one page CV in a PowerPoint slide) plus there's my 'career management document'/'CV for agencies' document.

 Maybe a motivation to regularly update your resume is to move from 'Brand You' to 'Consultancy You'?  You are not an employee doing a job, you are a consultant preparing for your next assignment, ensuring that you are developing your skills and building a good reputation for delivering what's needed when it's needed.



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