Hello everyone;

I was recently offered a position with a division within the same company that I am in and as a courtesy I was told to communicate the fact that I will be approach by this division to my current manager. Naturally, I called him and told him but told him nothing about why I was moving or anything beyond the information that recommended in the MT cast on resigning.

I was just called earlier today by a co-worker in another program who told me that there is a rumor that I am leaving and listed several reasons that are floating around in the rumor, none of which are true.

As much as I want to "put right to things" I also do not want to get drawn into any conversations that will seem "unprofessional". As such, I fear that my reputation within my current position is being affected, especially in the event that I do not even take this offer (which there is a good chance that I may not). Any suggestions on how I can handle this?

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Horstman's law #6: There are no secrets.

Rumors will fill the void when information is scarce.

You need to decide quickly whether to take the new position or not. Either way, confirm with the new division, then tell your current boss right away.

At that point, the communication to the rest of company can take place.

You can't "put things right." You can tell folks about how you will contribute to the new division, and how excited you are to be there. Or you can tell folks that you did speak to the other division, and that your greatest contribution is right here in your current role.

Don't worry about the rumors. Do the right thing.


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You can't control rumors.

You can only control your behaviors.

[i][b]Why You Shouldn't Concern Yourself with these Rumors:[/b][/i]
At the higher levels of an organization, they're less aware of rumors at the "lower" levels (I'm afraid this isn't because they're saints; it's because they have their own rumor mill :lol: ).

It's likely that the people in your organization who matter to your future (those above you in your current division and the other division) aren't even aware and don't particularly care about the rumors you're hearing.

So ignore them. Communicate clearly with those who matter. And as John [i]Spike Lee [/i]Hack said: do the right thing.