I'd love to get an Ohio group together - ideally Central Ohio. Please post if you're interested in seeing what we can do. Thanks in advance.

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Hiya KK

Long time no chat. Sorry you didn't get much response. If I was in your 'hood, I would definitely want to do a meet up.

Come on peeps - step up and take advantage!


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You're the best, *! I hope all is well. Update me on your job search if you get the chance - esp. that one company we knew in common.

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Just bumping this back up.

I have a difficult time imagining that I am the only person in Ohio who participates on this site! :) If so, I have a giant competitive advantage.

What I envision is a group that gets together to discuss the concepts we learned and expands our network. I want to first guage interest and collect feedback about the purpose of the group. We can then move forward into determining the intervals at which we meet and other logistics.

So, please post if you are from the area and would perhaps have an interest in participating in something like this.

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800 + views but no responses? KK, I feel your pain. You would think in Toronto, we could get together but no go. Makes you wonder.....


PS - nothing new on the job front, but I know no one is outperforming me in the interviews

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Wow, I must have missed this post the first time around.

I'm in Cincinnati. Technically, I'm in the Kings Island area, 5 minutes from I-71. I'm about 1:15 from Columbus, so a C-bus meet would be convenient for me and I'd definitely be interested.

Please note that I'm not currently in a management position, although I have been for the past 3 years. But that doesn't make MT any less valuable :)


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I'm in Columbus and would enjoy a local meetup. I hope we get some more takers.

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Wonderful! I'm going to leave this open for another week or two - and then we'll start figuring out logistics. Please chime in if you're from the area and interested!

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Columbus is a bit of a drive for me, but I'll be there if I can. I'll keep my eyes on this board!

Hope to meet you all soon.


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It looks like there are two of us in Southern Ohio and two in Central. Any thoughts? Perhaps it's best for us to PM each other and try and meet locally instead of combining efforts? I'm sorely disappointed we don't have more takers.

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I live In Louisville but would gladly drive to Cincinnati for a meet-up.



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I am in CBUS also.... if you ever want to get together ... just drop me a note



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Columbus or Cinci would work well for me. Thanks for getting this started, KK!

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Is the Columbus group still going on?

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 And I am always interested in improving my management skills.

Some good sites which also have MeetUps in the Columbus area are:

Hopefully we can get a quorum of Manager Tools disciples in Ohio.