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Has anyone read the change management book "Our Iceberg is Melting?" It uses a very short and easy to read fable to illustrate the basics of succeeding in a changing situation. The web site is here: I found it really useful for idenitfying the roles of different individuals during change.


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Yes I've read it. It's okay, gets's the point across and has some lovely illustrations. Personally I preferred the non-fable 'Heart of Change' by Cohen and Cotter (follow up to Leading Change). Having said that, I wasn't a fan of 'Who moved my cheese?' either. I'm sure that there are a lot of people who would enjoy the book though. I've actually got it sitting in my room awaiting a re-read in-case I was too harsh first time around :)

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I liked Who Moved My Cheese!

A couple of years back we used the training program that goes with the book to make people reflect on change and how they react to it, and it was a hit. Greatly improved how managers dealt with change, and how people responded to it, and it showed later, when we had some major shifts.

Of course it's not on a par with Kotter, or Lewin or Senge, or anybody dealing in serious change management and leadership. It doesn't help plan change, but it's a useful little trick for raising awareness and making change less scary. Of course, the book itself is less effective than the program.

I don't know about Our Iceberg is Melting yet, but I'll definitely give it a go, because I found that some organizations respond well to stories (and some others don't) but it's good to have both set of tools handy when it comes to leading change.

I'd love to hear if anybody has used the book as part of a change process.

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I like the iceberg story. I have a particular 'thing' about penguins that helped I think!

I particularly liked the part when the other penguins went out fishing for the penguins doing the change work - it made sense to me about why a change process in our organisation was stalled.


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I'm no fan of 'cheese'. I am firmly aware that it is because a company I worked for used it as an excuse to change anything and everything on an almost-daily basis. Great in theory, but the execution of it that I have seen was truly green cheese!