Well, the upgrade of the Manager Tools site has begun. Unfortunately, given the nature of the upgrade, it's not likely to be "perfect" ... and we've delayed the upgrade long enough in the vain hopes of getting it "perfect".

Although you won't see a lot of change (yet), the infrastructure of the site has changed quite a bit which will allow us to move ahead with our plans to deliver more to you. But with change, comes both opportunity and risk.

[b]What's Changed?[/b]

The one thing you'll notice immediately is that the registration/membership management system has changed quite
radically. You now have ONE place to login and get access to both the RSS feeds, the blog comment area, and the discussion forums. One login and one password! Quite the radical idea, eh? :-)

If you were both both a registered member (you registered to get the members-only area and/or to be able to post comments on the blog) AND were signed-up on the discussion forums (which, until now, was a separate login and password) AND your usernames and emails were identical, YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD IS THAT WHICH YOU USED WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE REGISTERED MEMBERS PODCASTS (YOUR BLOG/MEMBERS-ONLY AREA USERNAME AND PASSWORD).

If you only signed-up on the Discussion Forums ONLY, your username and password for the whole site is now that which you used on the discussion forums. And you will find that you now have access to the members-only area.

If you signed up as a registered member AND on the discussion forums with two distinct usernames, you now have 2 usernames on the site (with access to all features). Frankly, I'd prefer this not be the case, but there really is no way to ensure that 1) your two logins indeed belong to the same person, and 2) you don't actually don't want 2 logins (e.g., some of you have expressed the desire to be somewhat anonymous on the discussion forums). If you fall into this category, send me an email with the login you would like deleted.

We've also implemented the core infrastructure for our premium content. Once we ensure that everything is up and running smoothly, we'll be delivering the premium content. Thanks for being patient with us on this point.


Although we've tried to make this transition as painless as possible, I know that there are some of you who will experience some difficulties in the transition. And given that our theme recently has been about apologies, let me apologize right up front ... I'm sorry. If you do run into issues, please send us an email and we'll help you work through whatever difficulties exist.

Thanks ... hopefully you'll find the changes worthwhile!

best regards,

Mike and Mark

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Hi Mike:

The login takes you in a "do loop." I had to login from an email hyperlink.
I do appreciate Manager Tools, and I appreciate the work that you and Mark do for free.



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Try clearing you cookies before logging in. That should solve the problem
[sounds like the symptoms of the problem I posted on the home page earlier today].


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The 'system' doesn't appear to be stable. I'm admittedly a non-techie, but here's what I've experienced in the last few days.

1 -- I have to login each time I visit the regular site (not the boards), though I asked my pc to remmeber my sign-on. Then when I click the log-in button, I don't have to enter a passweord, but am transported to the main page with a logged in status. Maybe it's supposed to work that way, but it never did before, and I didn't read anything saying it would.

2 -- When I visit the boards various and sundry things have happened.
A. Sometimes I'm already logged in, sometimes I'm not already logged in. B. When I tried to post, though I had logged in, I was blown out. C. When I try and view posts since my last visit, there are never any to be found, though I am logged in, I have visited before, and posts are obviously added.

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Thanks ... I appreciate the input.

Did you try clearing all your browser cookies before proceeding? It would help me greatly to know if you did as suggested in a prior post.


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the 'view post since my last visit' is not working any longer (after the login mofidication). Is it just on my pc?

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PierG (and others),

First, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience; I need to do better.

And no (unfortunately), it's not just you ... other listeners, as well as myself, are suffering the same problem. I'm working with one of our software vendors on a solution. No doubt, something *I'm* doing wrong, but I'll need their help none-the-less.

Thanks for letting me know that this is not a problem isolated to just a few people!

best regards,

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I'm an IT manager, I know the trouble you are having.
No problem ... I can survive: it's just to let you know! ;)

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Most (hopefully ALL) of the issues related to logins should be resolved now.

Worst case, should you not be able to login using your previous password, using the "lost password" function on the login screen should allow you to set a new password. I haven't run into a case yet (knock on wood) where that didn't fix the issue.

Thanks to those impacted for your patience and understanding!