Hi Everyone

While I have a had some positive responses to my job search, I need to keep the ball rolling until I get an offer.

So if you have some ideas how one can do some lost cost networking (ie, not going to conferences or networking events that are $40 a pop) can you please pass them along?

And remember, when you refer someone, you might be doing both parties a favour. The person you refer might be just the person the other party is looking for :)

Thanks in advance.


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We messaged back and forth about a month or so ago before I headed out on vacation. I'm more than happy to do what I can.

I don't think I received your resume - if you can send me that (you should have my email in our past messages, or pm me again) I'll try to help.



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Hi Dave

Nice to hear from you and hope you had a good vacation. Odd you did not receive it. Maybe it got caught in your spam filters. I appreciate your help and will resend this aft. Thanks again very much.


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Are you willing to relocate? I'd love to do more for you - but I don't have any business contacts in Canada. I do believe you have my email. If so, send your resume and if I hear of something, I'll pass it on.

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Likewise, I have no Ontario contacts. Is relocation an option?

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Hi KK and John

Thanks for responding. Yes, relocation is an option.


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[quote="asteriskrntt1"]So if you have some ideas how one can do some lost cost networking[/quote]
If you are at a loose end and have some time and want to meet people in business, some ideas:
- get involved with the local Rotary club or similar business groups.
- if you have a trade or professional body - get in touch and offer volunteer services.
- again based on the above, ask about any free Continuing Professional Development talks or other free seminars that you can attend. Be early, stay late and talk with attendees.
- web forums (like this one!) look for anything linked to your work or your locality that may involve business interests. You could make some contacts.
- local papers. Check out what's happening. There may be events to go to. Scan the articles in case there is a lead into a specific business.