Hello Mark and Mike,
my name is Marc Mozart, I'm a music producer from Germany. Let me start off by saying thank you so much for creating Manager Tools!

Your advice is invaluable for me!

I didn't really think of myself as a manager until 18 months ago, when I decided to start signing songwriters and producers (most of them at the beginning of their careers) to exclusive management deals.
My idea was to teach them everything that I know and to work and grow together as a team. Before that I've been a music producer for 15 years, with a number of hits and a few platinum sales awards and extensive working experience in Germany, UK and the US.

I took a lot of action in the last 18 months to find out what makes a good manager. I had some great help from a mentor who made a fortune running the highest paid sales force in the UK (in financial services, not in music) and I am reading a lot. I started out with motivational/PMA books (Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield), and moved on with David Allen's GTD, The Effective Executive, The World Is Flat and many more.

I ran across your podcast about 4 weeks ago through iTunes and so far listened to every single one you've ever done (incl. all registered members podcasts), and not just once. I decided to keep listening until I breathe your stuff, cause it's so good and entertaining to listen to at the same time!

So far, I have signed up seven freelancing songwriters/producers to exclusive management deals with my company. We're a virtual team with people spread across continents (Detroit, Minneapolis, London, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna). Production data goes back and forth over the internet using FTP-Servers and File Transfer Services.

I'm pleased with the results we got so far - after the first year of business we're already working on a couple of high profile artist projects and have customers in all major music markets. We have already received a Platinum Sales Award in Germany for producing songs on a No. 1-Album (with popgroup Monrose, for those who live in Germany).
Obviously, this success helps to get recognized by more people in the music industry. The business is growing and the team is, too. My goal is ultimately to establish our team as a major music production team in the US and to win a grammy by 2009. I also plan to expand the business into consulting and project management for the music industry.

Obviously I have a few questions to ask as my setup is a bit different (while the "manager tools behaviours" are still applicable ALL THE TIME).
I'll pick up on this shortly.

And yes, I have started doing 1on1s, using the feedback and coaching models, writing a meeting agenda, practising the handshake, and what have you... all with great success.
...and I'm not gonna stop working on it until I practise all of this like BREATHING.

In case any of the forum members have had contact with the music industry, or you're curious about it, have feedback to give, know a great songwriter, let me know... I'm here to network, discuss, learn and ask!


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What a great note! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your business and your success. We're thrilled that we're helping you achieve your vision.

If anyone had ever told me that I would perhaps help a Grammy winner, I'd have laughed out loud! But you're right - Manager Tools isn't industry specific...and you ARE a manager.

Glad you're with us, and it's a privilege to serve you.