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I am organizing an informal dinner the night before the MT Effective Manager Conference to provide a venue for people to meet each other. THIS EVENT IS FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO COME, so don’t hesitate because you’re not going to the conference.

The event will be Monday the 24th at Carlucci’s Italian Restaurant, which is directly across the street from the Westin O’Hare. It will start around 6:30 and will not go past 9:00. The hotel even informed me that is has a free shuttle service, in case you don’t want to walk. Here’s the place:

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Please let me know if you are going to come. I would like to have a rough count for the gentleman helping me organize this. Late-comers are welcome. This event’s purpose is to help us meet each other. Even if you’re going to miss dinner, I still would like to see you there.
Please post a reply or send me a manager tools message if you plan on coming.



Quentin Daniels

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I will be at Carlucci's on Monday night...looking forward to it!

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Quentin thanks for setting this up. I am going to try to make it but I am not sure I will make it out of Indy in time. Hopefully I can arrive prior to the party breaking up. Roger

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Thanks for organizing this. I plan on attending. It looks like only a few people have posted. Nevertheless, I think it is a great idea.

Looking forward to the conference, learning, and meeting a bunch of great people.

Kenny Pratt

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I've had about 10 reach out so far. So it should be worthwhile. And that's not including any 'maybes'

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I will be at Carlucci's on Monday night. Brandy

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I will be at Carlucci's on Monday night also.

(May be a little late depending on Chicago Traffic.)