Hello fellow Manager/Career Tools members!

I realize the difficulty involved with a Chicago Meet-up, so I'm going to throw this out there and see who is willing to take me up on it. Rather than try and get several people all in the same place at the same time in this vast city of ours. I'd like to invite people to meet up for a networking lunch or Coffee. Send me a message if you're working or visiting in the Chicago area and worst case we both build our network.


Jeff Makowski
Network Administrator
West Chicago, IL

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Hey Jeff,

I think a Chicago coffee or lunch is a great idea and I would welcome the opportunity.

Brian Watkins

Director of Training

Itasca, IL

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I'm happy to participate in a brief get together.  I've been following MT for three years and use a great deal of the guidance in my organization. Looks like the three of us interested so far are based in the western suburbs, which should make logistics rather easy.  Let me know how I can help organizing. 

Mike Baker

Deputy Village Manager

Downers Grove

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I work in Schaumburg so the Chicago western burbs for a mid week meeting sounds good to me -- anyone still up for it ? 

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Lunchtime or a midday coffee is good for me.  After work I need to go home regularly.

I'm in Warrenville/Batavia.