I am re-listening to the choosing a company podcast series and would like to establish if there any evidence to demonstrate that employees do work for companies that share their vision, goals and values or is this idea restricted to the noble few.

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In the engineering world, yes!  We design and build things that tangibly alter the world we live in and improve the quality of life for millions of people!  Engineering companies (Bechtel, Fluor, Kiewit, Jacobs, Wood, etc) have vision, goal, or value statements that reflects this in one form or another.  It is a key part of their recruiting and marketing message too.  The employees, by and large, believe it and live it.


If you're just filling out TPS report cover sheets for a company that makes rubber dog shit... it's time for a career change!


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SHP - Thank you so much for such a first-class reply. I have yet to fathom out what you mean by TPS but I fully understand what you are saying and your broader message. 

So just as companies such as those that are part of engineering and others change the world in a tangible way and so aspire to, achieve and live by their vision, goals and values. Companies that try to embody these too must surely aspire to and be accountable for doing the same.

Thank you so much again.

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TPS reports - Office Space movie reference.
Rubber dog shit - Topgun movie reference.

I try to be first class, but my pop culture references are obviously dated.

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Not at all, TOP GUN made it over to the UK but I'm not sure about OFFICE SPACE, though i did get the memo.