My family are kind of disorganised at xmas, so I usually try to give suggestions for what I might like to receive.

This year as an alternative to my massive appetite for books, I've added the MT premium content subscription / interview series to my "wish list".

Nb(1). Am I right that there's no way for people to buy MT subscriptions as a gift? eg. Even through iTunes? Some kind of MT gift voucher would be a useful addition to the marketing plan I think!

Nb(2). Here's how I concluded my email:

"... so even if someone wants to help subsidise me signing up, I'd be really pleased. Not only is the content a professional goldmine, but the guys that produce the podcast do the weekly show for free, which is just staggering considering how incredibly good they are."

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Thank you for the kind words. We do this all for you all.

I don't know about gift subscriptions, but I will ask Mike to take a look.

Merry Christmas!


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I would love to see gift subscriptions in varying increments. I have several friends that I'd like the opportunity to introduce to premium content. They already enjoy the free content but are unable to subscribe themselves. I'm sure it's a programming nightmare but if I get to dream - several friends could add to the kitty to allow the giftee access to the interview series or premium content depending on what they need most!

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Agree to Julia's views. A varying increment should do fine for me to gift subscribe to friends in India as well as to some others in other part of the world.

Hope this would work out.

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Great idea (of course)! I'm working on it ... should have some results later on this afternoon.

Stay tuned!


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Thank you for ALL that you do. We make a wish list for the site and you make it happen.


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Folks, he did it.

Check the blog and thank Mike.


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Customer service on steroids.

Thanks a lot guys.

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Agree, working on gift inventory.