Hi everyone - as ever come here when I have a real challenge...

In my team, there is a chronically underperforming staff member doing basic admin. There have been issues all along...

1. Doing things carelessly with mistakes, no quality commitment.
2. Forgetting to do things.
3. Dropping the ball on key tasks.

My directs supervise the person, give regular daily feedback and have made expectations clear about what needs to improve....

to no improvement!!

I am a strong advocate for the Managertools feedback there anything out there that could be tried? It is tempting to conclude the situation is hopeless...but surely not?!

We can't readily fire in our org even with abject performance issues.

All help appreciated....

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You cannot force change, they have to do it for themselves, you just provide the direction. You may not be able to fire people easily in your organisation (thankfully) but you can fire them.

First recommendation would be to listen to The Corkey Story:

Second recommendation would be to sit down with this persons' direct supervisor (if it's not you) and your HR person and walk through the problems. From there you can roadmap corrective action or desired behaviour change and plot out the best way to achieve it.

This is a good cast to context this discussion:

I hope that gives you a starting point.