Location: Panera in Hyde Park (3806 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati
Background: Looking to hear how each of us has broken down a work process to identify and improve bottleneck, blockages, etc. to streamline and improve.

  1. Welcome/Introductions if there are newcomers (7:00 a.m.) - Who you are, where you're from, when and why you discovered Manager Tools.
  2. Update from last meeting (7:10) – Have you overcome any of the challenges you mentioned in the last meeting? How did you do it and what was the outcome?
  3. Monthly topic (7:30 a.m.) challenges, feedback, and best practices about making sure those around you don't straggle after ripe blackberries.
  4. Adjourn (8:00 a.m.).
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Updating an existing post to let everyone know when we will be getting together next. Hope to see new faces.