What are thoughts around dropping client names in interviews?  I've gotten guidance before here on keeping them out of resumes but responding to someone face to face that you did something for a "Fortune 500 Oil Field Services Client" doesn't seem right.

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I'd say the first criteria to determine is the confidentiality of the accomplishment you're about to share.  I wouldn't see anything wrong with saying you designed the Oracle/DataGuard replication architecture for Apple's iTunes business line.  Everyone already knows Apple has the iTunes business line.

Now, if the accomplishment was the Oracle architecture for Wolfram Alpha in support of Apple's next release of Siri, to coincide with the debut of the iPhone5 then I think you need to cleanse things a bit.

The second bit of criteria to consider is the interviewer's tolerance for revealing information that could potentially be considered confidential.  This is usually correlated with the amount of intellectual property the hiring company is protecting.