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BLUF - Is it appropriate to close in an internal interview? Should it be handled any differently?

 I am preparing for a possible upcoming interview for a promotion at my existing company. I am wondering if it is appropriate to close at the end? If it is should it be the same as from the interviewing series?

The reason I ask is it sounded to me as if the close was a way to show the interviewer that I am interested in the position. In this case the interviewer knows me and knows I am interested. I've expressed my interest many times. So does this change the close?

Thanks in advance for any advice! 

Ron W

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I just went through this, and I still am.

So far I have closed on 5 people in 3 rounds of interviews and I head out Monday for the 4th, and hopefully final, round of interviews.
So far I have progressed further tha. Others who may be more qualified than I am and I attribute it to MT and the tools I have learned from them.