I sent my resume and cover letter to a company and it turns out that my in-laws go to church with the plant manager. I'll be visiting them over the Thanksgiving break and I'm sure we'll be introduced on Sunday. I want to make a good impression but I also don't know how far to push this kind of meeting. Any suggestions?

Back ground: This is a new ethanol plant is south Georgia, they just broke ground a month ago, and it's going to be amazing. This is the stuff from GWB's state of the union...BIG. I'd love to land this one. I can remember doing papers on bio-fuels in the 4th grade!

I've listened to the interview series twice and I'm working on my flash cards. This is not an interview so obviously I won't rattle off all that stuff. I've improved my handshake considerably after that cast....that'll help.

I'm going to carry an envelope with my resume in it and I'd also like to give him a soft close...maybe " I'd like an interview here's why..." Is that too much for such a meeting at church?

Of course as I write this I think..."what a wimp, If you want an interview then close the guy. It's no big deal."


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If you meet them, bring your enthusiasm to the fore! You are obviously very excited about the opportunity and the facility. This won't be an interview, but they will remember your excitement and familiarity with the facility. That works ONLY in your favor.

First and's about the people. Establish the relationship, make it about them, express your excitement and enthusiasm about what they are doing. I wouldn't worry about handing him a resume, but I would certainly let them know you've applied and are really looking forward to hearing something.

Just have fun.

Then again, I could be wrong. This is my week for it!

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Some people treat their Sabbath day or being in Church as a day of rest and really don't like talking business. I would get a head's up from your inlaws about this plant manager's view.

Whenever you are meeting someone, it is really an interview. As Julia says, bring your enthusiasm and professionalism. You can always follow up with a phone call/email after the initial meeting.


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Trying to close them at church might be considered inappropriate or rude. Maybe it's a cultural or personal thing but if someone tried to close me at a social event then I wouldn't think very highly of them.

Maybe it would be best to mention that you're interested and have applied to their company and finish up with something like "I'd love to talk with you sometime about it." That way your interest and enthusiasm are still comminucated but they have the option of talking to you then or setting up a time later.


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Re-reading my post, I don't think I said something important.

It's about the people...and so you can talk about what's going on in their world, be excited about it, but I wouldn't consider it the time to supply a resume and close to them. My opinions here are based on my father's experiences with things like this - he loves talking to people, is excited when they are excited about what's going on in his world, and he will remember that enthusiasm, but to sell him on Sunday would be a bit over the top.

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Yeah...I think y'all are right.

If I'm enthusiastic, excited, and make an impression then that's enough for now. If he want's a resume from me I'll just have to ask for his card.

Thanks for chiming in on my question. I'm actually quite socially aware for a chemist...but that's not saying much.

I'll let you know how it goes.