Like many others, the Close was news to me. I fully understand what it's about and am willing to use it in an upcoming, very crucial interview. My industry is Higher Education and I'm about to interview for a technical management position at a very old and prestigious University. I wonder exactly how the Close would be received by people in that sector? I have researched the background of those interviewing me and many of them come from corporate or municipal backgrounds, so they are not academics as such, but I worry that it still may grate with the academic culture. Am I over-thinking this?



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Academia is probably the one place where I would say some slight modification wouldn't be a bad idea.  You don't need to, but it's more likely there that someone will use a close as an indication (wrongly, their bias, not your intent) that you think THEY are the decision maker.  And then they think you're not smart...which is silly, and based on their inexperience with professional interviews.

Try this: I want an offer.  I know this probably isn't the step for it, but I'm just trying to be clear about my level of interest and excitement.  I'm impressed by (a), (b), and (c) [which are your reasons.