Just wanted to put in a plug to say I landed a new job and I fully credit my success in the interviewing process to the interview series.  More specifically the recruiter noted that what put me above the rest was my energy and enthusiasm i showed each person I interviewed with.

This is definitely the effect of CLOSING everyone I interviewed with not only in the interview but in the follow up.  

One other thing that I would like to pass on.  I practiced my answers per the interviewing podcast but one thing I think that really helped in the final set of interviews ( which they flew me up to interview ).  I fully engaged my seat mate and instead of worrying about the interview and studying notes, I got to practice off the cuff back and forth with him for an hour.  I can't really think of a better way to build confidence and loosen up prior to a series of interviews.  

If you have an interview coming up, try and seek out conversation with someone you don't know ( preferably in your industry ) and see if it doesn't help build your confidence and readiness to do it when it counts.



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Congratulations on your new position. Your story reminds me of the following quote that I've seen credited to everyone from Socrates to Daryl Royal:

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparation."

I continually refer people to this site. Your post is proof that it provides value.

Best of "Luck" in your new position.