Is closing on a phone interview a smart idea? 

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 Of course it is.

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 I am wondering why you think it would not be appropriate?  

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 It proves your interest.  Not closing filters out more people than closing does, in my experience.


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For phone interviews, i've said, "I'm interested, and i'd like to meet with you to talk further."

I like it. Once you're face to face, you can close hard. You may hate the interviewer! 


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When I am selling I typically focus on closing the next step. I have never closed a deal for my services without a face-to-face meeting, so when talking to a prospect on the phone my "close" is to try to set up a next meeting.  I will also express an interest in the final deal, but that is not closing.

How would this play out in a recruiting scenario?  My instinct would be to express an interest in an offer, but to focus on identifying the next step and closing that.  If the next step is an in-person interview I would ask (close) for that.

Would this be the right thing to do?



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On a first interview by phone, prior to any face-to-face interview, if interested, closing on the next step is justified.  Not doing so shows little excitement and interest.  To close on an offer on a first interview by phone, is premature.  There's a feeling out process to be done.  What if in a subsequent interview you don't like what you hear?

I'm comfortable closing the phone interview to get the next interview.  In a face-to-face interview, I'm closing for the offer.

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Well, I posted earlier that in my upcoming interview I would close for the next meeting.  I was in a flow during the interview, pumped you could say, so I decided to close for the offer and got feedback, which was "I love it" from the interviewer.  I've changed my tune.   

The key is to be engaged during the interview and the more you are, the more energy or excitement you have, the more you'll be comfortable in closing the "offer" way.