I'll share with the wider audience an idea that I previously mentioned to Mark and Mike via an e-mail. Using the coaching model, I'm trying to develop a key subordinate. In giving him some resources to use, I directed him to the Manager-Tools site/podcast.

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I did the same thing by referring them to, but I also provided a CD with the appropriate mp3 files. I know once they listen to the first few the rest will be easy.


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Gary, I hadn't thought of making CDs - I also offered m-t as one of the coaching options (this was for how to run a meeting).

Thanks for the idea!

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[quote]Gary, I hadn't thought of making CDs[/quote]

Not only can you make CD's with mp3's on, but I've found it useful to burn the mp3 files as a normal music CD (Windows Media Player and other apps will allow this).

The big advantage of this is people can listen to them in the car, during their journey to or from work (some people will have car CD players that play mp3's too, so worth checking).

Makes very productive use of that time!


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[quote]I've found it useful to burn the mp3 files as a normal music CD [/quote]

I love this idea!


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Here's how I listen in my car. After downloading the podcast, I transfer the file to a Sony Memory Stick (32mB, which can be a limitation on rare occasion). In my car, I have a $7 device I got at Wal*Mart that plugs into the lighter. It comes with a cable that connects it to my Sony Clie PDA. This little gadget in the lighter receives the feed from the PDA (via the cable) and transmits it to the car's radio antenna, so that the Podcast plays over the speakers in my car. I listen to Mark and Mike in high-quality stereo.

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Gary & Len,

I like the ideas of the CD's. I have also marketed to my colleagues, both staff and supervisors alike. I am hoping they take the information I have found beneficial and work it into the workplace.

I have an iPod it works the same through my car stereo. No better place to listen before going to work.

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Len - I purchased those lighter devices for my salespeople at my last job. It was a little better because it also allowed you to plug a USB memory drive into it. I provided them with 32MB USB drives which I "refilled" with new podcasts weekly.

I also just upgraded my wife's CD player in the car, it plays regular CD's, MP3 CD's and has a USB port for USB thumb drives. All for $99.

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When you guys talk to each other, it's really cool.


Thanks for being members. Honest to God, we did all this stuff for you.


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I guess I'm a little more intense than you guys... I spent 2 afternoons ripping apart my dashboard to hardwire my ipod into my stereo using an RF modulator... It may have taken a while, but it works great, and also added an additional RCA input and an AB switch in case I ever need another device.

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Wow! Hey, at least you know HOW to do that. Plenty of folks don't anymore.

Mike listens to all kinds of casts in his car, and uses one of the rf transmitters, I think. I rarely listen to any podcasts - not even ours, because Mike does such a good job producing them. And I'm always on the phone in the car.

Glad you did it, and glad you're a member.


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Good Job Lefonquey...

Getting out the dash on any car can be more adventure than job. I recently had to replace my CD player while on the road. I was worried someone would call the police while I was yanking out the old one in the hotel parking lot. But it all went well and I was able to listen to manager tools all the way back to Orlando.


BTW - For any of you "techie" or "handy"people who like installing their own car stereos, here is a great place to get model specific instructions on removing old car stereos and it only costs $2.99 for each one.