I am still new to MT and my position as a manager at my current job. I have been doing O3 for a couple of months now and have found them to an outstanding tool for connecting and communicating with my team. I am being patient in giving feedback and resisting the temptation to start too early. I also know that coaching is still a ways off too.

My question revolves around a direct that is new to the team and needs work on his soft skills. I have had complaints and witnessed myself the way that he communicates with other team members. I inquired about it during our O3 and he said that this has been an issue in both his previous jobs and personal life. From that brief discussion, I had the feeling he knew about the issue and didn’t really have any plans to try and correct that behavior.

Being this early into the position and rolling out the Trinity, how could I enter into a coaching type situation to help him with this? I don’t want this to keep progressing to the point of totally eroding the relationships with his fellow team members permanently.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all. Thank you.

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Hi! Our guidance is that when rolling out the Trinity, slower is better. You’re totally right- we don’t recommend moving up the timeline for Coaching or feedback. There are some things you can do now, however. Have you listened to our cast on Feedback Before Its time? I have included the links below. The casts recommend a way to discuss directs performance and issues before its time to use the full model.

Without more details, I can’t be sure that coaching is the right answer. We recommend you only engage in coaching for things that are going to take more than three months to change. Usually with smaller or faster issues, we do recommend feedback. Feedback is a powerful tool that can be used to help a direct understand how they can be more effective. I know you’re waiting to use it and that can be frustrating. The reason we don’t recommend going more quickly is that the feedback model requires a LOT of practice in order for you to deliver it well. If you don’t, they start to hate the model, and then they never want to hear it again.  I hope the feedback before its time casts help. If you get to the coaching stage and discover that there is still an issue, we also have some casts on coaching on the soft skills that might come in handy.