I've been cut off from my podcast addiction... my iPod has developed a hardware problem. (dropped it on the floor one too many times, I expect)

I'm all set up in iTunes for all my podcasts (could stand to cull a few, but anyway...)

I'm looking for device replacement recommendations. TIA


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When it comes to mp3 players, there's the iPod and there's everything else. Look for a refurb at the Apple Store. You'll find the link at at the lower right hand corner of the store page, under Specials.

- Paul -

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if you're using iTunes, you don't have a lot of choices.

Like Paul said, I'd look on the Apple website for a refurb one. Sometimes they have really amazing deals on them.

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It's always possible you could revive your current iPod, but you'd probably need to shell out some bucks for diagnosing the problem, only to discover it was fatal anyway. I trust you've already walked through the support sequence at [url][/url].

I'm guessing you're not willing to wait a couple weeks and get an iPhone? 8)


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There's always the low tech solution. My iPod did not survive switching from a Mac to Windows. While it's away at the iPod hospital, I am burning CDs off iTunes. Lots of CDs . . . .

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[quote="terrih"]I've been cut off from my podcast addiction... my iPod has developed a hardware problem. (dropped it on the floor one too many times, I expect).....Terri[/quote]


Sorry to hear about the demise of your iPod. I have a couple of suggestions. After looking at the steps that tcomeau suggested, surf on over to [url][/url]. You will find very detailed guides for fixing iPods and other Apple products. Additionally, they sell replacement parts for your iPod.

The thing is - you run into a cost issue with fixing a dead iPod. Do you buy a new or refurb one, or fix the one you have and while doing so get very close to the cost of a new/refurbished one.

I have 2 (digital audio players) DAPs - a Sandisk Sansa and an iPod (2nd gen) Shuffle. I don't use iTunes at all anymore, because it won't talk to my Sansa DAP.

My current setup for managing podcasts is through the use of MediaMonkey [url][/url]. I added a plug-in that downloads the podcasts I want and best of all, the software understands that i have multiple DAPs and will sync my stuff to each.

If you are looking for another way to manage podcasts, I highly recommend using the Juice podcast receiver[url][/url]. I use this for managing a ton of podcasts that I usually burn to CD.

I hope this has helped. Let us know if you need to pick more brains. The M-T community is full of great ideas and helpful professionals.

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Thanks for all the tips everyone!

iPhone... drool... Alas, if we had $600 lying around doing nothing, DH would insist on a new desktop computer at home. Ours is getting a little outdated.

My busted iPod was a hand-me-down from my brother when he upgraded. He threw in some accessories like an iTrip and made a Christmas present out of it, which makes this doubly sad. :cry:
I suppose it might not have lasted much longer in any case.

I'll try that, and if that doesn't work I'll steal DH's old Sansa and see if I can figure out how to put podcasts on it. He doesn't use it anyway.


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There [u][b]is[/b][/u] life outside of iPods. [i]Juice[/i] (Google: Juice podcast software) is a great Windows-based app for downloading podcasts. There are tons of very inexpensive flash-based MP3 players out there that can be plugged into a USB port. Then it's simply a drag and drop to put whatever podcasts you want on the player.

Not quite as slick as iTunes/iPodding...but it works well.


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Hi everyone,

i am using Juice to download alls podcast, put them in an small 2GB USB stick an put in in the mp3-CD-TUNER of my car, which has a usb port.

This is not as stylish as an ipod, but quite convenient for driving.

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mp3-CD-Tuner??? Sweet! 8)

My '95 Camry doesn't have that, oddly enough. :wink:

Sounds like I'll have to check out this Juice thing, though, and try it on the little 1GB mp3 player we have.

Or I could get a replacement hard drive for my iPod from for $119. That isn't bad.


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Teela (I'm Teela's dad) has a Shuffle, and when she listens to stuff that needs to be in order she uses a smart playlist and loads the shuffle with just the contents of that playlist. She used that approach to learn the songs for [i]Beauty and the Beast[/i] and [i]Les Miserables[/i].

So you could load up just your recent podcasts, and even leave it on shuffle. It might be really amusing to go from [i]MT: Personal Scent[/i] to [i]The Onion Radio News[/i].

2nd generation, new 1GB Shuffles are $79, and you can find the older stick-of-gum half-GB Shuffles for 20-30 bucks on Amazon or eBay.

This might be a simpler (and cheaper) alternative to burning a lot of CDs.


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Whew! Finally dug out the ol' Sansa, downloaded Juice, and I'm getting my fix again!!!

I might still spend the money to fix the iPod my brother gave me (30GB vs 512MB), but meanwhile I'm a much happier camper. Thanks, everyone, for the advice. :)