I am once again listening to the interview series and I have a question about collaborative response. I have had interviews and do not remember ever responding collaboratively.  Can anyone give me an example of a question and answer which includes a collaborative response?

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It's not clear to me what you mean here. Are you asking about an interview question in which you collaborate with someone else on the answer to the question? I don't see how this would work..... I'm picturing something like "phone a friend" for your answer, but I doubt that's what you really mean.


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I am sorry I did not respond sooner. I believe in the interview series it mentioned something about collaborative responses. I think it was discussing team work and how you work as a team. In a secretarial position a lot of what we do is individual. I know there are small things that require team work but nothing of substance.  I am stuck on how to prepare for an interview that may ask about team work where I am not really sure much of what I do is "team work".



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As a secretary, what you do is collaborative!  Do you receive instructions from someone else?  Complete work for someone else (type a letter, for instance?)?  Provide assistance to a manager or team lead?

These are all team behaviours.  It is a supporting role, not with the other secretaries but with the company.  You are the building block of the team - believe me, a bad secretary makes EVERYONE look foolish.

Think about how you support the organization rather than others in the same job as you.  Do you coordinate/schedule meetings?  Do you write reports for someone?  Do you give regular updates to your boss on status of your work? Do you keep her informed of important clients, upcoming events, things to do?  All collaborative.  Sure, you might work with other secretaries on occasion, but that work is likely not as valuable to the organization as the support you provide on a daily basis.

Good luck!


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How do you elicit the opinions of others?  Do you give credit to others when their ideas are adopted?  Do you proactively reach out (phone, setting up meetings) to build consensus?  Do you "pre-wire"?    Do you ask for feedback on drafts of documents?  Do you notify folks of initiatives that might affect them?  

These are examples of "collaborative" behaviors.  They are things you do that engage others constructively. 

John Hack

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Yes and Yes, thank you all! I do all that and more.