I'm a college junior, MIS major, and have what I consider a great internship doing software development. Is it worthwhile to go to my college's career fair when I have no intention of finding a new internship? Will recruiters think I'm wasting their time or is this a good opportunity to build relationships for a future job search?




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A more interesting or fulfulling opportunity might be waiting for you.  It only costs a little time for you to meet recruiters and/or hiring managers - and you never know who you will meet or what kind of opportunities they might have for you.

I compare this to the MT guidance about whether to go on a job interview even if you're not actively searching.  It never hurts to see what's out there, and it gives you the chance to practice your self-presentation skills and to build your network.


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No recruiter worth her salt would feel you were wasting her time talking to her at a career fair. You're obviously talented enough for one company to want you. Most recruiters would love to have a few minutes to get to know you.

If the conversation lasts more than five minutes, then it's appropriate to mention your existing opportunity, but keep the focus on the recruiter's company, and take the hint in the (unlikely) opportunity she loses interest in talking to you.

Congratulations on the internship!