In Inside The Magic Kindom, Seven keys to Disney's Success by Tom Connellan.

Says about feedback: It is like water that is indispensably.

Positive reinforces.

Punishment is the way that the book says negative feedback, but we know that is for change.

But it mentions that if you dont give positive or negative then people feels bad and it brings more negative stuff.

Also says that you need to maintain a 3 to 1 rate with positive feedback and negative one, in order to keep motivation and work in group at the top.

So what you think about this.

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So maybe Disney allegedly has an ideal number for positive feedback.  The MT ratio is higher.  The real important fact behind this is that you do feedback properly and in a timely fashion.  Maybe your particular number needs to be 10:1 - depends on your situation. As Nike says, just do it.