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Yesterday, we terminated an employee. How, or should, we communicate this to the rest of the team in our small office?

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Have you listened to the layoff cast?


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Haven't done it yet myself, but what I recall from where it's been addressed in the podcast and here--

Yes, you should let them know, as soon as possible. But you should keep the why's to yourself, for the most part.

I'm sure others will be able to go into more detail.

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From what I understand in reading the posts regarding the layoff cast, is that this does not address the after part. Also, this was a termination for performance that was a long time (likely too long) in coming. From what I understand of the layoff cast, this is a very different process.

I think we have been very inconsistent in how we handle this and are always concerned about the privacy issues regarding the terminated employee.

Thanks everyone as always. Such great information.

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I think you already know your answer. Consistency is key to everything. Do it the same way every time.

That being said, I think a short message suffices. There's certainly no need to explain the situation to everyone; they already know. If they don't already know, they don't need to.

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...that lets them know "officially" and also lets them know what will happen to that person's responsibilities ( if you know at that point ).

Anything beyond that should not be done in a group setting. You can let your team know that if they have any questions or concerns they can come to you. Keep in mind when they do come knocking you will still have to respect the privacy of the individual, but you may be able to speak to their specific concerns of how the action affects them personally.