I just joined an organization where the top management level is doing training based on the book The Communication Catalyst. I was given a copy right away and my boss seems very into it. The online reviews are positive but I am a little weary of the fervor of their devotion (it's sounding a little cultish to me). I'll start reading it tonight (I'm skeptical but there is only one way to find out); but I am wondering, has anybody here read it or done the training?


 The Communication Catalyst by Mickey Connolly & Richard Rianoshek

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Yes, I connected with Mickey Connolly several years ago when I brought him in to present to my financial planning trade association. He was a big hit at the presentation which resonated with my peers.  Also,  I have continued to adapt his concepts in my own practice and employee relations.  Think of his concepts as a resource to better understand our human nature and the challenges we all have in trying to be understood.  If you study and practice  the concepts you will never take great communication for granted .  It is truly an art and science that unfortuantely few of us has really been exposed or  taken the  time to master or  practice.  Keep an open mind asyou  go through the material. .  Best, Harry