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Hello all-

I have been with my company for over 5 years. I love my company, and I love my job. I have my dream job as an internal management consultant for a fortune 100 company. I have been doing it for a year. I don’t want to do anything else. Honestly I love what I do (Which a lot of people have never been able to say).

The sad news is, my dept. got acquired by another division through a large internal reorg. While they have not told us anything- I have a strong suspicion that my group will be dissolved. While I have an awesome working relationship with my company and my team (I’m sure I could get another job within the company). I’m not entirely sure I want to do anything else.

In an effort to be proactive, I have updated my CMD/resume MT style. And have bought the interview series. So I can start looking for mgmt. consulting roles. While I know it never hurts to interview and look around. I am currently stationed in Manila until April. I know I need to "jumpstart" my network, and be ready for an interview when the opportunity arises. So my questions are as follows:

• Should I wait to hear of the news about impending layoffs and where I land in the next few months?

I know this seems like a no brainer- but since I’m cheap and I work hard I can likely survive the first round of layoffs (I make about 20K less than the going rate for my role). And I could rise quickly since I was “bench warming” for a promotion this year. – and MTs says it is always better to be promoted to the next level before looking for the new job in a company. Also I’m not entirely sure I want to give up on the good will of my current employer.

• How do I jump start my networking while abroad?

• How do employers handle interviewing someone who is stationed abroad?

I have never done this before - So I appreciate any advice you may have!

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Firstly, well done for assessing the situation and taking positive action. Too many don't until the bus is on top of them. What you have done so far will pay you back should you need it.

Should you wait? In my opinion, no. Get ahead of the other people staring at the oncoming headlights and that way you won't be competing with them when they are released or they realise that the inevitable is about to happen. Add to this that (as Mark says) you cannot reject a job offer you do not have. Even if moving is Plan B, make it a strong one with offers in hand.

I would add that if the grapevine is chattering, then these layoffs may be implemented a lot sooner than you think.

Jump starting your network while abroad is no different from when at home. Email, phonecalls and cards all still work. When you were not an expat, you probably didn't have all your network in your home town, the same applies now.

Both interviewing and getting an interview can be difficult. If you are in an industry that has a high level of international staff (Oil & Gas, Military etc.) then they'll be used to telephone interviews and considering applicants not currently in the home country. If your industry or the firm you are applying to doesn't have this, then it gets a little harder and you have to address this when you make your first approach. Name the elephant in the room and offer the resolution to the problem.

As an anecdote, I was pretty famous in my last company as flew from London to Sydney (11,000 miles) to attend the interview. All other applicants were phone interviewed, needless to say, the offer was forthcoming the next day. You can use this to your advantage!

Hope this helps a little.