I was recently reading an article about a major corporation that made a statement concerning their corporate support of a social issue which can be controversial.  I was wondering what the MT world thinks about corporations making such statements and what if you as an employee did not agree with the Corporate position?

I am fortunately not is any such position but I was wondering what if anything I could do if I was?  I do not think there is a Cast about this and if not this might be a good one.

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My company sent out an email years ago about asbestos litigation. It urged employees to petition their state congressmen to approve limits on the issue. This was not something I could support so instead I chose to ignore it. Often that is all you can do. I it is a subject you feel strongly about, you may want to reconsider your employment with the company. If so, bein looking.

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To me the whole purpose of being in an corporation is that together one can achieve more than one could achieve alone, if that achievement can be something that has a positive social impact, much better (I guess no need to say I am a high I).

I used to have a history teacher that used to say nobody can be impartial, so the best one should do is state upfront ones believes so that others can discount for themselves the bias in our opinion.

I see nothing wrong with a company taking a stand even in a controversial issue.  One has the freedom to choose to stay or go.  I much better work for someone (or a group of  'someones' like a company) I know where they stand with regards to issues that are important to me, that not knowing it.

That is me, I know other people probably prefer otherwise.  I believe the world will be a better place once companies start accessing the social impact they have and start making a contribution to issues they have largely neglected so far.


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My company has now asked employees in the US to urge our politicians to address the National Debt. I think this is another example of a company being aware of societal issues and asking their employees to come together in a sign of solidarity. This is also an issue that I think many employees come agree with.

Earlier this week our CEO put forth this request during his quarterly all-hands meeting. He did not mention political parties other than to say that Republicans want tax reform and Democrats want entitlement reform. Both parties refuse to engage in discussion about the other issue without addressing their own but can't seem to find a way to meet.

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Brillant TED talk by Simon Sinek! I thought I share (link bellow).  Let me know if you agree.

To me, the talk supports my view that the world will be a better place once companies start taking social responsibility to the core of their business.  I love engineering, but I also crave having a strong sense of purpose to why I do what I do.

Companies, and leaders within those companies that can provide a broader number of people, or the smartest of people, with that sense of purpose are those that not only will be profitable but that will be sustainable.

"Profit is the result, it is never the why.", that is true both at a personal and at a company level.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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I agree.  a brilliant talk.

I am pleased to find your post on this talk in MT because I found Simon Sinek's talk simple and inspirational.

As a manager, I believe I am a change agent helping people and processes help the business:  How do I improve ongoing processes?  How do I guide my team (or be guided by my team) through one time events?

Simon's simple process of why-how-what reminds me to begin with or get to the 'why' when communicating/working with people.  

Tools like DISC and/or MT's communications and micro-communications support me getting to the 'why'; my goal is to tune in to a person so I can respond effectively.  in that person's language.

Simon's talk helps me take my manager belief above and cut it down to my core: (To paraphrase Simon's Apple example) For everything I do, I believe in helping us grow.  I believe we can improve.  The way I help us grow is by applying my life's lessons, MT and other techniques.  I just happen to be a manager.

After viewing Simon Sinek's talk on TED, I wondered if anyone in the MT crowd had commented on his talk because it fit with one of the ways managers may perceive the world.  A perception which helps people in this group grow. I searched MT and found yours.