About 3 months ago I was appointed for a role with a government agency (in Australia but I'm from the US) in a 6 month contract. The current hiring process is very long and drawn.

A few weeks ago the role was advertise on a permanent basis and one of my directs apply for it with out telling me. I only found out because I saw she had a feedback appointment wit my GM 20 minutes after my feedback appointment. As a side note, I was told that no one was selected for the role. 

I'm quite open and fair with my team (office politics are a bit contrary to that) and I would have expected for her to let me know of her intentions.

She is very good, qualified and been with the organization for several years now. How can I handle this situation of me knowing that she applied, with out creating a wall  that will interfere with our communication and trust for each other. 


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I don't see any issues here, and don't see where anyone did anything improper.

If I'm reading your post correctly, you are 3-months into a 6-month temporary assignment. This soon, it's very difficult to have a deep relationship with a team. Especially when they feel you may be gone in 3 months.  It's absolutely reasonable for her to interview without telling you or anyone else. It's not a reflection on you, more on the uncertainty of her situation.

The best approach is to support and develop her, to make her ready for that next position.  There's not a NEED to mention anything right now.  If it comes up, tell her what you told us. That she is good and qualified.