Does anyone know "CompuCoach" Coaching Tool? It's a DOS application. During these days, I try to do google about this tool but not find any special link. Some keywords I found in this tool -

  1. Company name - Teren
  2. Application name - CompuCoach
  3. Application Type - Coaching tool ( used by executives and managers in AT&T, Johnson and Johnson, Crum and Foster, The American Stock Exchange, U.S. Insurance Group, Chubb & Son, Merrill Lynch, PSE&G Co., Banker's Trust Co. and several other major organizations.)
  4. Company Place - Virginia Beach, Virginia
  5. Development time - 1988 / 1994 (just guessing)
  6. Menu articles - "Introduction to the Teren Company and CompuCoach" and "Review Teren Concepts of Management & Leadership"

And then I did google with these keywords above. Finally, got these two links -

  1. New software bridges training gaps - Teren's CompuCOACH
  2. Author: Sperling, Kenneth L.

Please share me below -

  1. The name of this Teren Company or CompuCoach Application was changed?
  2. Which Coaching strategies did it use in CompuCoach?
  3. Is there any homepage of this kind of coaching tool?

Thank you. Regards, soclose