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 Preparing for the London EMC and ECC, I listened to the podcast on how to attend a conference. One of the items discussed was to brief your boss when you get back, so she will see there was some value gained on the expense incurred. During the EMC conference, I took 8 pages of notes. Yes, I know most of the info can be found in the slides, and also in the relevant podcasts. Then, in the ECC, I discovered that my boss is a high C. 

When returning to the office, I typed up my notes (this was mostly to help me remember better), and made this an attachment to my report which I gave my boss. The notes included sections for each member of the trinity. Each section included the goal (better relationships for example), the rational how the model will achieve the goal, and then the steps of each model. Similar notes for the ECC, but since there was much more practice, I relied more on slides than my notes. The practice was GREAT and loads of fun also.
The feedback from my boss was:
1) This is great stuff, can you brief everybody at my staff meeting sometime next month?
2) Those "30 minute face to face meetings" you have been holding with your team seem better, now knowing the goal of them. I'll start them too.
3) Pick the next training you want to go on. Anybody who get's that much on 2 days of training deserves more.
Then, at my next staff meeting, I went over the high level basics, and explained some of what I'll be trying to implement during the coming weeks. At the next O3, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my directs told me that the one-on-one's I've been doing already made them think I was the best manager they every worked for, and also that they want to support me with the rest of the trinity, can I start with them first?
It's only been one week since the conference, and already the value I have gained has more than overcome the cost. Simply the best ROI I've ever had or seen on a training, and so I highly recommend the EMC and ECC to everybody.
Now I just need to do the 'boring, repetetive, unsexy' day to day, week to week work of keeping up with it. But, with the support of my boss, and of all my directs, I think I'll make it :)
Thanks again Mark, Mike and Wendii!
Andy in Finland

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You've done a great job of getting the most out of your two days. We enjoyed your company, and we're so glad you were able to use the material so well.


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Thank you Andy.  Those are very kind words.  I think I really like your to reward good choices (and I don't mean it was good because it was us, but because you convinced him of the value of any training). That bit about you getting more is pretty clever.

Stick with it, and we'll be right here/there with you.


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Hi Andy,

first, I share your comments on the conference (I was sitting right next to you). It was an exciting meeting and (as a high C/D) I am not so easy to get excited. The participants were divers in characters, locations, industries and positions. The diversity made it really interesting, too. Good people.

Content: Certainly a very valuable refresh of the trinity, and Mark's ability to coach and entertain are remarkable. I liked the ECC in particular as it had most of interaction and activity. Lot's of value and certainly a full recommendation for anyone who listens to the podcasts (which I would recommend before participating to the conference).

Organization and hosts: Absolutely superb preparation with follow-up's and reminders prior to the meeting. A thank you to all involved in organizing. Mark and Mike: They play their role play as practiced for many, many years. Very professional and at the same time exciting. But most importantly, it is the spirit of making us real better managers that supports the tools recommended. I fully agree to so many of Mark's comments that it makes my task of management easier every day knowing that I am not the only one thinking that way.

Location: well, some room for improvement, but I might be too demanding.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


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Hi guys,

I attended in Jan' 2010 and had a fantastic time as well ;)

Besides the fantastic training the chance to meet a lot of other fantastic motivated and very skillful people was a wonderful experience.
Though I financed it myself, I will very happily join the conference again some time and likewise recommend this as very useful learning for others.

The follow up from the guys are also very good, but I'm sure you'll see more to that.

Kind Regards
Mads Sorensen
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Just completed Day One - Effective Managers Conference. (Cannot attend day two...maybe someday). Amazingly effective and valuable conference. I am surprised how a conference can be organized around subject matter that has been covered on podcasts that I've listened to several times and still have such deep, additional value. The modeling of moves in the Management Trinity, the practice with partners, the opportunity to ask questions and address nuances and Mark and Dani's overall presentation were so helpful.

I plan to do what "Andy in Finland" (original poster) did and get my notes together and set new goals based on what I have learned.


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I agree Michael.  I was a little concerned that I was going to hear a lot of what I've already heard in the casts, and I did and (not but) it was even more in depth and focused.  It was great to be able to discuss it all with Mark and Dani and delve into the details more than I can by rewinding.  I just got done writing a review/plan to send to my managers who sent me in hopes that I can turn them on to this.  I'm really psyched to start working.  Before the conference I was just at the point in the roll out to start positive feedback and now after having some practice and practical examples I'm ready get the feedback going in earnest.  



P.S. Michael it was nice meeting you at the conference - keep up the good work you're doing, you're making positive changes in our world!  You would have enjoyed and gotten a lot out of day 2 at the ECC.  I highly recommend it if you get the chance.

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Andy, I share your experience.  I returned and gushed about it to my boss, who is an executive director.  I was talking about how it has given me the confidence I sorely lacked and how the tools are there to uphold you, so you never have to feel like you're making it up on your own.  They are an eternal buoy.  He asked me to put together an elevator pitch to share at our next staff meeting (his directs) that evangelizes my personal experience, what I'm getting out of it, what it's doing for me.  And then he asked me to send him some notes on the Feedback Model so he can try it.  To me, there was no better outcome than this.   And since I wasn't a listener back when the 500th cast essay contest ran, I am considering this my own chance to write *my* essay!