I´ve been listening to your Podcast for a while. French, living in Brazil, working in a American company, I really consider what you bring is valuable.

Any plan to have a conf in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil ?

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Hi Christofix -- Thanks so much for comments. We're thrilled to you find our podcasts valuable.

We're not currently planning a conference in Brazil but we'll add it to the list as a possibility for 2015 (we plan our conferences a year out). We take several items into consideration when deciding our locations including website analytics and such.

Thanks for posting!


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Hey, I am also in São Paulo. I love listening to your podcasts, especially all the career tools. I wish I had these podcasts when I was living back in the states.

Perhaps you could you do something like send one representative down and have an East-coast conference in the United States linked up by online streaming video during the months between May and September.

Hope you guys come to Brazil soon!