Just wanted to say congratulations on this new Award

Is a great job that Mike, Mark, Wendii and all the Manager Tools team makes. 

Congratulations again

Thank you for all the great things i have learned with Manager Tools


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That's awesome news. Congratulations. Well deserved.

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Well done again to you all at M-T!

And well done to the listening community - thanks for helping to make my favourite podcast even better by giving it the kudos and visibility it rightly deserves.

-- Peter

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Well done guys. Most effective podcast I listen to - thanks for all your wisdom and insight.

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Just adding my voice to the others that posted (and didn't post, but feel the same).

Well done.

Please know that both Career Tools and Manager Tools have changed my professional
life for the better.

One question, you have the Manager Tools 'Basics' set of podcasts, any thought of a
Career Tools 'Basics' - I would like to assign my directs a number of casts to listen to
and a core, 'Basics' Career Tools set would be very beneficial.

Thanks again for all you do.