BLUF: How do I respond to an email introduction to a hiring manager?

There is a position open at my company that I think I would be a good fit for. I've been trying to gather additional information about it to find out if it really is a good fit. I have connections in the department but they are, I think, the individuals who would be reporting to this new position so I don't want to probe too deeply there. I do not know the hiring manager (VP).

I did have a brief convo last week with someone in the department and she offered to give me an intro to the hiring manager.

On Friday she sent an email to him and copied me introducing us and letting him know I'd like to learn about the position.

I'm trying to keep my inquiry as quiet as possible until I know if it's something I should pursue. I don't want to create a lot of smoke with my own Director & VP until I know there's actually some kind of fire there.

So how do I respond? Do I send a personal email to him? What should it say? Do I suggest a brief meeting?

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If it's physically and geographcally possible, go and say Hi.


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I agree with Tim - pop your head in and say Hi.  When individuals have done that with me it has been done professionally - even when hesitantly or nervously or tentatively.