I have searched the site but I can't seem to find anything. Can anyone point me to a consolidated list of MT and/or CT tasks? I have been listening to MT and CT for about 6 months, but for the first few months I was just listening and learning, so while I remember lots of task recommendations, I am sure there are some that I have forgotten, as well as plenty I have yet to listen to. I was hoping to find a list along the lines of:


  • 03 with all staff
  • Weekly update with Boss
  • etc.


  • Meet with mentor and review progress
  • Update resume with key bullets
  • etc.


  • ...

3 months before review:

  • Review job description

Preferably, these would even include a link or title/date with the podcast the task was recommended in. I am collecting my own while listening, and re-listening, but I wondered if anyone had anything similar.

Thank you! I love MT and CT! I listen to at least two casts a day, on my way back and forth from work. Such an amazing find and I recommend it to everyone I know and work with.

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The MT calendar in the link above is on the website under Downloadable Forms, which is definitely worth looking through.

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Thank you for the link! This was a great start to what I am looking to build. I have pulled all the tasks into my Wunderlist and added a few more (Self Development Informal 360º at my mid-point, scheduled books to read), and I will keep adding as I go. It helps me to review the repeatable, actionable tasks that are mentioned and associate them with reminders and add links to the podcasts so I can revisit when the task comes near (for the quarterly or annual tasks).

My annual review cycle just ended so I wanted to spend a couple days to get organized. Thank you again for your assistance! Now... I just need to ensure I do not get too ensnared in creating an organizational system, instead of getting things done. I am sure there is a cast for that! :)