Do I list my outside consulting as an accomplishment under my current position description or do I have a separate job category describing the little bit of consulting I do (with accomplishments)?

While employed with my firm I have completed in the past month two pro bono consulting engagements and one paid. The consulting work is directly related but does not compete with my current position.

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As long as the outside work was sanctioned by your current employer, and is relevant to your job search (setting up a computer at your church is pro bono, but maybe not relevant).

Many employers dislike greatly employees who consult (not pro bono) outside their firm, even if there is no conflict of interest. Why are you not giving 100% of your professional life to them?

Right or wrong, they will reject your resume on that alone. And you'll never even know it. I've seen it happen.

And you would have to make it clear at some point (before you accept the offer) that you intend to consult for money outside. Many firms have strict rules about this.


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Agreed. Leave it off your resume. It screams "I'm leaving right at 5:00 because this isn't really what I want to be doing. When that business finally starts making money, I am outta here!"

I have a side business that I run out of my house. I don't advertise it at work, I don't bring it up. Some people know about it, but I leave it off of my resume.

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This is very dangerous ground.

Without complete authorization from your firm and an ironclad agreement from the hiring firm I wouldn't even DREAM of putting it on there.

And even's RELATED?

Oooh. too many variables that scare me here.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I regret my absence.