BLUFF: I am looking for recommendations for a contact management system. 

My previous company gave all employees access to a great contact management system. It would allow us to schedule a day to reach out to each contact, keep a conversation history, and allow me to tag contacts (so that I can sort contacts based on those I know from school, church, past work relationships, etc.). When I left the company, I made sure to keep a hard list of contacts information, but I am floundering without a solid contact management system. I am working on Mac, so Outlook isn't an option for me. I am still young in my career, so cost is a serious consideration for me. The functions I was most attached to (and would love to have in the new system) are scheduling days to reach out, and a convesation log. Please let me know what your experience has been with other systems. 

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Microsoft's free may do at least some of what you are looking for. It has "people" and "calendar" sections as well as email, and desktop Outlook can be made to behave in contact management system ways.

I have an account there but don't use it much, so I can't tell you what the tricks might be. It is probably worth looking at, especially at zero cost.