What do I do?

Do I pick one and go with that person? Do I inform them of their competition?

I am in the very early stages of even considering the position. I want to do the professional thing here, should I be interested in the position.


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If you don't have any particular preference as to which recruiter should get the fee if you're placed, I'd tell whoever contacted you second that you're already in contact with someone for the job, and better luck next time.  Otherwise, if you happened to get a call from a slimeball first, and someone you'd like to cultivate a relationship with got to you afterwards, you could tell the slimeball that you're being represented by someone else.  That only works if they got to you in quick succession -- if you're already halfway through the process with bachelor no. 1, it won't look good to suddenly go with bachelor no. 2.

No sane recruiter (hah!) is going to take it personally if you say you've already been approached by someone else.  They'd *much* prefer that over spending the time prepping you and putting you in front of the hiring manager only to have to argue over their placement fee, and the hiring manager isn't going to think much of you if they end up having to pay out two placement fees to two agencies for you.

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 Just watch out because once your resume has been submitted to HR, for any position, no other recruier can get dibs for you. I made that mistake once and told a recruiter I like that I was still working on my resume, but let a second recruiter submit me for a different position that the first didn't tell me about. Well, the second got my resume early, so the first recruiter was then out of the picture.